Project stage:
Proof of concept
Technical product manager
Sr.React/Solidity dev
Solution architect
Full stack dev
UX/UI Designer
Key results:
Web app (ReactJS)
CMS - Dashboard (ReactJS)
API / Backend (NodeJS)
Smart contracts (ERC20 token & utility NFT)
Agile framework:
XP (Extreme programming)
Project general description:
NGDIM is a circular fashion marketplace that promote self-managed projects and sale of used clothing. Strengthening the circular economy by encouraging the consumption of certified stores on our platform.

We empower our users and consumers through blockchain technology enabling a new market without borders.
Technical description:
The NGDIM infrastructure is mainly composed of a web application, in which users can access with any hot wallet, and start buying and/or selling clothes.

A user can self-manage a store (which is backed by an NFT), and start selling their products.

A dashboard for administrator users and data analytics users.

The development of ERC20 token which rewards the user for consuming in the marketplace.

We developed a Rest API in NodeJS to manage data and offchain business rules.