Project stage:
MVP - Maintenance
4 MONTHS - ongoing
Technical product manager
Sr.React/Solidity dev
Solution architect
Full stack dev
UX/UI Designer
Key results:
Security token mint
Mobile app (React Native)
CMS - Dashboard (ReactJS)
API / Backend (NodeJS)
Utility NFT
Agile framework:
XP (Extreme programming)
Project general description:
Fraksi allows you to invest and own fields dedicated to agriculture and livestock.

Empowered through blockchain technology, Fraksi allows its users to generate passive income through agricultural and livestock work.
Technical description:
Analysis, development and implementation of systems and applications (on chain and off chain) that make up Fraksi's IT infrastructure.

The main modules are: a native mobile application for Android and iOS that allows the users to invest and own in farms Argentinian farms. Development of smart contracts for ownership NFT and utility token offering. 

A dashboard for admin users to manage properties and rewards, and their respective associated metadata. Finally, an API/Backend to manage data and offchain business rules.